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Fairtrade cotton program

Klopman’s range of fabrics made using 100% Fairtrade cotton meet Fairtrade standards validated by Fairtrade (as audited by FLOCERT).

Buying products made with Fairtrade-certified cotton guarantees the empowerment of cotton farmers through better prices, while the payment of the Fairtrade premium also contributes to protecting people and the environment through the prohibition of genetically modified seeds and hazardous chemicals.

A Fairtrade producer organization that benefits from Klopman’s sourcing and processing of Fairtrade cotton to make workwear fabrics.

“There used to be no rainfall. We have a problem with rainfall. We have received facilities to help this – Fairtrade has helped to build a water storage unit to preserve rainwater.”

“We have also learnt about agricultural practices like composting, which we were not doing ten years ago. We now know about better farming practices, we used to till the land manually and now we have access to tractors. In summers we still face a lot of problems with lack of water. During the rainy season it is OK, but afterwards we are facing a lot of problems.”

Voices of farmers from the Fairtrade Pratima Organic Grower Group; Orissa, India