Construction, Mining, Quarrying workers

Construction, mining and quarrying are physically demanding, high-risk occupations with stringent health, safety and environmental regulations and procedures.


The dangers in this industry depend on the type of activity, but include physical, ergonomic, electrical or chemical hazards, working in isolation, and dealing with leaks and spills. This is why reliability and efficiency are top priorities for buyers and exactly where Klopman fabrics succeed. We study the sector’s needs one by one to support end users with highly resistant protective fabrics; our Indestructible and Challenger fabrics have been industry favourites since 1968.


Our workwear poly/cotton fabric range is complemented by comprehensive protectivewear solutions like: our recent K-Flame, inherent Flame-Retardant product range (compliant with ISO 11612 and ISO 14116), High-Visibility fabrics (compliant with EN 20471), antistatic fabrics like Coverstat (EN 1149-1 and EN1149-3), and Multifunctional fabrics that can combine all the above (including EN 13034 Type 6).