Klopman CEO & Group Industrial Director

Joined the company in 2022 as Deputy Chief Executive Officier, Giuseppe Crippa has been named Chief Executive Officier of Klopman in 2023.

Graduated with honors in Chemistry from the University of Pavia and with a Master’s degree in Economics and Business Management from SDA Bocconi in Milan, upon completion of his university studies Giuseppe joined Snia Fibre in 1988, where he was in charge of R&D, then moved to Lyon and joined Novalis (a joint venture of Snia Fibre and Rhone Poulenc) as Logistics Director and later Production Director of the new BCF Novalis Plant in Rome.

He joined Aquafil in 2000, holding various roles from Director of Supply Chain to Vice President Operations USA to Group Industrial Director and finally became a member of Aquafil’s Management Team as Senior Vice President Industrial Operations.

Giuseppe is based in Frosinone, Italy.



Managing Director

Amaury Sartorius is responsible for all aspects of sales, including strategic development, marketing, product sales and customer services, managing and co-ordinating the activities of a highly experienced sales force to develop and maintain key business relationships in the sector. His scope of responsibilities is extended to the Finance, Administration and IT departments. With broad experience of the European textile market, having started his career with a primary Belgian textile group, he joined Klopman in 1995 and has since held a number of positions, including Sales Manager, Business Manager and Sales Director, before being appointed Managing Director.
Amaury is based in Lyon, France.



Senior Executive Advisor & KAI Board Member

Alfonso Verdoliva joined Klopman in 1976 after his graduation in textile engineering. He gained experience in all the production phases and product development by working in various positions within the company. He has previously managed the production plant and the product development, covered the role of Group Manufacturing Director and in the three-year period 2020-23 served as Chief Executive Officier and board member.

Alfonso Verdoliva is now Senior Executive Advisor of the company and board member of KAI joint venture of Klopman in Indonesia.

Alfonso is based in Frosinone, Italy.



Human Resources Director

As Director of Human Resources, Alessandro Musto is responsible for all aspects of Klopman’s personnel management and development policies. He helps employees to achieve Klopman’s mission and maintain a positive corporate climate.
During his 30-year career in human resources, Alessandro has accumulated a wealth of experience, holding positions of responsibility in leading companies in the financial, pharmaceutical and insurance sectors.
Alessandro holds a degree in Economics from LUISS University in Rome and is based in Frosinone, Italy.



Group Supply Chain & Purchasing Director
Klopman Plant Manager

Manlio Ferragni joined Klopman in 2001, taking responsibility for various departments, from spinning to purchasing, from planning to warehouse management and shipping.
Previously, having graduated in Mechanical Engineering specialising in ‘Industrial Automation and Robotics’, he gained experience in the field of his training for Automotive Multinational Groups, first in Bitron S.p.A., until 1998, and then in Valeo S.p.A., until 2001.
Today he is Plant Manager, in addition to holding the position of Group Supply Chain & Purchasing Director, with responsibility for Group Purchasing Management.
Manlio is based in Frosinone, Italy.

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