Alexandre Desroches serves as the group CEO of Klopman/TDV.
He was appointed by the board of directors to lay out and execute an ambitious growth strategy for the group, taking its already established leadership in the textile industry one step beyond.
Prior to this appointment, he served as the general manager for a family-owned listed personal protection equipment company for 10 years and worked in the telecommunication industry in New York, Brazil and Poland for 15 years.

Alexandre graduated from HEC Business School in Paris. He is involved in various organisations promoting leadership and entrepreneurship.




Alfonso Verdoliva joined Klopman in 1976 after his graduation in textile engineering. He gained experience in all the production phases and product development by working in various positions within the company. He has previously managed the production plant and the product development, covered the role of Group Manufacturing Director and in 2020 was appointed Chief Executive Officer and board member.
He played an instrumental role in the start-up of the KAI plant in Indonesia, a Klopman joint venture of which Verdoliva is also a board member. Alfonso is based in Frosinone, Italy.



Managing Director

Amaury Sartorius is responsible for all aspects of sales, including strategic development, marketing, product sales and customer services, managing and co-ordinating the activities of a highly experienced sales force to develop and maintain key business relationships in the sector. His scope of responsibilities is extended to the Finance, Administration and IT departments. With broad experience of the European textile market, having started his career with a primary Belgian textile group, he joined Klopman in 1995 and has since held a number of positions, including Sales Manager, Business Manager and Sales Director, before being appointed Managing Director.
Amaury is based in Lyon, France.



Sales Director

Based at the European Sales Headquarters in Düsseldorf, Holger Beule is responsible for all aspects of sales, including strategic development, for the Central and Northern European areas, plus the Eastern European developing markets, as well as the developing markets in Middle East, South East Asia, China and Australia.
Holger’s extensive personal experience of all aspects of the workwear industry supply chain has given him a unique insight into the concerns and priorities of Klopman’s customers – a distinct advantage to all concerned. He joined Klopman in 1984.
Holger is based in Dusseldorf, Germany.



Plant Director

Claudio joined Klopman in 1990. Following graduation in textile engineering, he held a number of roles as quality supervisor on the whole production chain in garment making industries and looms systems, in several industries.

At Klopman, through the years, he has held senior management positions in different areas, from quality control, technical services and data digitalisation to warehouse management. Over the years he has also carried out various assignments in Asia, including the start-up joint venture activity of Klopman Argo International. He currently holds the position of Plant Manager. Claudio is based in Frosinone, Italy.



Human Resources Director

As Human Resources Director Alessandro Musto is responsible for all aspects related to the management and development policies of Klopman Personnel, supports employees in achieving Klopman’s mission and nurturing a positive corporate climate.
In his 30-year career in the human resources field, Alessandro has accumulated very extensive experience, holding positions of responsibility in primary companies in the finance, pharmaceutical and insurance sectors.

Alessandro graduated in economics at LUISS University in Rome and is based in Frosinone, Italy.



 Group Supply Chain & Purchasing Director

Manlio Ferragni joined Klopman in 2001. Since then he has taken responsibility for various departments, from spinning to purchasing, while also dealing with warehouse planning and management.
Having graduated in engineering, he has previously gained experience in his specific course of study in the automotive field for multinational groups. Today he holds the position of Group Purchasing & Procurement Director, with responsibility for Group Purchasing Management and a particular focus on relationships within the Asian supply chain.
Manlio is based in Frosinone, Italy.

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