Food and Drink Production

As a food and drink professional, the two most important factors you need to consider are hygiene and safety. Choice of fabric is therefore a key consideration for food and drink workers; the best fabrics help to minimise cross-contamination risks and more readily comply with food safety regulations.


  • This is the reason Klopman has developed a wide range of polyester/cotton fabrics dedicated to professional food and drink handlers – to meet the requirements of critical hygiene applications. All Klopman fabrics guarantee excellent durability in terms of dimensional stability, colour and ensure easy-care properties even when repeatedly washed and ironed.
  • Our cotton-rich fabrics, with a high content of cotton, guarantee superior comfort for the wearer, plus moisture absorption.
  • We also produce different fabric weights manufactured with Tencel®. These absorb moisture completely and naturally release it to the outside, creating a cooling effect. These fabrics are smooth and soft, reduce bad odours and dry quickly. The majority of Klopman’s products are certified to be used in HACCP-controlled areas.
  • Clothing manufacturers for the food and drink production sector can also choose fabric finishes like our Crease-Resist Finish and Sanitized® to prevent bad odours. Other options include: Duraclean, a fabric protector finish which allowss the fabric, and therefore the garment, to stay cleaner when in use and releases soil during washing; and Hydrofoil, an exclusive Klopman formulation which adds superior water and oil repellency properties to all fabrics.
  • Striped or cross-dyed fabric solutions are also available to enhance the appearance of the garment with piping or inserts.