The manufacturing sector is enormously diverse, including a lot of industries such as cement, ceramics and engineering to clothing and textiles, molten metals, woodworking and many others.


Professionals in the manufacturing industry spend a lot of time working with operating machinery or at assembly lines where protective clothing is essential. Klopman manufactures a wide selection of fabrics in response to the industry’s specific needs: from polycotton fabrics – the right balance of resistance and breathability – to TENCEL™ lyocell and polyester blended fabrics or stretch fabrics to ensure maximum freedom of movement to the worker.


Klopman workwear and protectivewear fabrics are designed for outstanding performance and superior protection even in the most difficult conditions. Durability, good tensile and tear strength performance, professional image and resistance to abrasion are just few of the performances our fabrics guarantee. We have also developed Flame-Retardant textiles and inherent fabrics (ISO 11612 and ISO 14116), High-Visibility (EN 20471), laminated fabrics and multifunctional in response to the most demanding customer needs.