Automotive Industry

Automotive industry uniforms perform a dual role: to protect employees and their clothes, and to project a professional look. At Klopman we believe that, particularly in physically active occupations, fabrics must offer the very best protection without compromising comfort, and need to withstand the rigours of repeated washing and wearing.


Klopman manufactures a wide variety of fabrics to meet any possible need in the sector.


  • Our well-known polyester/cotton range guarantees the maximum abrasion resistance, tear and tensile strength performance for superior durability.
  • completely new range of Stretch fabrics offers wearers maximum comfort, with greater freedom of movement and total ease of wear.
  • For workers whose work brings them more contact with solvents or higher risk of explosions, we recommend our complete new line of inherent or treated Flame-Retardant fabrics. We offer multifunctional clothing fabric that includes welding protection, chemical splash protection or antistatic properties, as well as industrial laundering solutions with laminates or softshell.
  • Further fabric finishes include our Duraclean fabric protector finish, which allows the fabric, and therefore the garment, to stay cleaner when in use and releases soil during washing; and Hydrofoil, an exclusive Klopman formulation which adds superior water and oil repellency properties to all fabrics.