Hospitality and Image Uniforms

Klopman fabrics are developed to respond to all those sectors where image and breathability are crucial for the business and wearer. We focus on the requirements of the catering, hospitality and HORECA sectors, as well as railway and airline industries.


CATERING & HORECA Our comprehensive knowledge of the HORECA and catering industries means we can work with clients, understand their requirements and present innovative solutions. Our fabrics meet the most demanding requests of hygiene, safety and image.


HOSPITALITY & AIRWAYS AND RAILWAYS UNIFORMS. In the hospitality and transport industries, uniform is a fundamental part of an organisation’s image and brand. Well-constructed and long-lasting clothing not only presents a better image to customers, but reinforces the company identity.


  • Polyester/cotton fabrics are available with exclusive finishes and formulations to add superior water, oil and soil repellency properties, eg Klopman’s Hydrofoil finish, Duraclean fabric protector finish or the TEFLON™ fabric protector). Fabrics with Crease-Resist Finish (CRF) guarantee easy-care properties.
  • Fabrics made with polyester/Tencel® fibre offer excellent moisture management, a cooling effect and a smooth fibre surface, helping to prevent skin irritations and maintain skin balance.
  • Klopman’s Stretch fabric line, with superior stretch and recover qualities, has been specifically developed to be comfortable, durable, hardwearing and long-lasting. The range includes an extensive choice of weights and colours, ideal to satisfy the specific requirements of the industry.