Responsibility is a crucial part of Klopman’s corporate identity: policies that go far beyond the defence of the environment, since they involve also the commitment for a fabric production process as clean as possible and the promotion of a social and cultural respectful behaviour. Innovation, fair business practices, social inclusion, pursuit of innovation and product responsibility are the core of Klopman commitment, summarized into our Corporate Social Responsibility document.

Klopman always focused its attention to providing the highest customer service experience delivering top quality products and never stopping the research and development of new production methods to manufacture its fabrics with both innovation and responsibility.
We believe that a responsible approach to business contributes to our commercial success in the marketplace. Responsible business practice is about making money in a way that minimizes negative impact and maximizes the positive benefits of our business on people and the planet.
This vision of social responsibility is shared by all Klopman branch offices and partners and is reflected in every single strategic decision and activity of the company. Klopman has striven to apply its philosophy in practical terms and it is mainly focused on three areas: environment, product and people.


Klopman intends to demonstrate leadership and commitment to provide products on time, in compliance with contractual requirements and compliance with regulations, carried out in conditions of maximum security by personnel with a high level of competence and fully respecting the environment, in line with market expectations.


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