Pharmaceuticals, Laboratories and Cleanrooms

Klopman’s fabrics portfolio has been developed to meet the strict regulations and guidelines for garments of manufacturers, suppliers and professional workers in the pharmaceutical, laboratories and cleanroom industries. Contamination, cross-contamination, mix-up and bacterial growth are the main risks involved in these sectors.


Sterile and antibacterial clothing is crucial in such working environments. Appropriate fabrics dramatically reduce every risk related to the worker and the product he develops.


Since 1968, Klopman protective fabrics have given the best protection for people, equipment and products.

  • Barrier fabrics and anti-bacterial fabrics, such as the Vektron line, have been designed in response to industry-specific needs.
  • The Sanitized® finish can be applied to all our products. It offers exceptional levels of antimicrobial protection, acting as a built-in deodorant, preventing the development of unpleasant odours caused by bacteria, and helping to enhance the personal freshness and wellbeing of the wearer.
  • As well as maximum protection when working with solvents, we offer fabrics with antistatic properties and/or flame retardant solutions to avoid any possible risk to the worker.
  • The fabric range also features easy-to-clean properties like Duraclean, fabric protector finish, or water, oil and chemical-repellent finishes like our Hydrofoil finish.