Careerwear fabrics

Klopman’s Careerwear line includes high-quality fabrics developed to combine comfort, easy care and freedom of movement for the wearer. Different blends and finishes are available to satisfy every customer’s needs.


The stretch selection of fabrics intended for this sector guarantees superb wearer comfort with excellent stretch performance. Along with lasting fit characteristics, this stretch range of fabrics has an extra and very significant advantage.


Our Escalade and Lagonda stretch fabrics are certified for LYCRA® TOUGHMAX™ technology as well as COOLMAX® core technology. They contain INVISTA’s LYCRA® T400® fiber. Uniquely engineered to give an increased surface area, the profile of this fibre has special channels which pull moisture away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric – where it quickly evaporates. As a result, the wearer feels cooler and more comfortable, with no unpleasant wetness next to the skin. In addition, the fiber gives the fabric excellent stretch retention and recovery, providing the wearer the added benefits of fit and comfort.”


With Klopman fabric, you can look good, feel good and go about your daily business with confidence.