Crease Resist Finish

Crease Resist Finish

Klopman’s Crease-Resist Finish (CRF) provides optimum easy-care properties and controlled shrinkage. The fabric is treated with reactive resin to improve both crease resistance and crease recovery.

The resin is fixed by crosslinking on the cotton fibre. This makes the finish durable, while maintaining the fabric’s breathability.

CRF is available as a standard finish for the majority of Klopman products and is designed for industrial laundering.


Fabrics developed with OC1 finish are treated with advanced eco-friendly chemicals, providing the same fabric-enhancing properties as CRF, but with OEKO-TEX® 100 Class 1 certification ensuring that the material is skin-friendly and safe to wear, even for babies.

This durable finish is a perfect option for laundries and customers who are extremely health-conscious.

OC1 finish can be applied to the majority of Klopman products.

Extra comfort finishes


Comfort+ is a Klopman finish that gives the fabric a smoother hand, a bulkier touch and provides a sensation of warmth to the wearer. The fabric is brushed with needles, which take out fibres from the back of the fabric. The accumulation of fibres on the inner surface adds satisfying extra comfort.

Brushing on the back, rather than on the fabric face, avoids increased pilling and means the fabric’s strength remains virtually unaltered.

Fabrics with Comfort+ ensure high comfort based on excellent thermophysiological properties (heat and moisture transfer) as well as superior sensorial properties (hand and feel).

Sueded finish

With Klopman’s sueded finish, the fabric face side is emerised with sandpaper, cutting fibres on the fabric surface. The presence of short fibres provides a soft touch.

Face sueding makes the fabric softer and bulkier, and gives it a ‘peach skin’ appearance.

Fabric treated with a sueding process offer a high perception of comfort to the wearer.

Repellent finishes

HYDROGREEN: Fluorine-free water-repellent finish

Hydrogreen is an exclusive Klopman formulation that guarantees  maximum water-repellent finish without the use of perfluorinated chemical products.

This new finish offers the wearer the possibility of staying dry without the use of potentially harmful substances. 

Hydrogreen finish is based on paraffins, hydrophobic substances very well-known and used in sportswear for some time for clothing and non-clothing applications. It guarantees minimal impact on the environment and offers excellent durability in domestic washing conditions and also in industrial washing, with reproofing of paraffin-based chemicals. 


Already applied to some of our fabrics (Superbandmaster, Indestructible, Lagonda, Scala), it is available on request for all Klopman workwear fabrics

HYDROFOIL: water and Oil Repellent Finish

Hydrofoil is an exclusive Klopman formulation which adds superior water and oil repellency properties to all fabrics.

Hydrofoil offers excellent durability, even after industrial laundering, and outperforms other comparable finishes on the market.

The lifetime of the finish can be increased even further by rinsing Hydrofoil-treated garments with a repellent agent in the final rinse of the wash cycle. The frequency of re-proofing depends on the end-use requirements. It’s perfectly safe for drying in a tunnel finisher.

Hydrofoil can be applied to all Klopman fabrics. Repellency performance may vary according to the fabric it is used on.

Certification to EN 13034 for protection against limited chemical splash already exists for some fabrics (ie Indestructible and Superbandmaster, as well as a number of fabrics from the protectivewear range). Individual testing is required for EN 13034 certification on other fabrics.

Teflon™ fabric protector

Teflon™ fabric protector is a water-based fluorochemical finish that resists substances present in oil and water-based stains.

The new technology offers excellent repellency against both water and oil-based spills. Liquid spills bead up and roll off the fabric surface. Dry soils can be easily brushed away. Suitable for domestic wash at 60°C, it dries faster than untreated fabrics.

Teflon™ is a trademark of the Chemours Company FC, LLC, used under licence by Klopman International Srl.

Teflon™ fabric protector

Klopman fabrics can also be treated with an innovative chemical formulation to make them water-repellent and achieve the perfect harmony of good breathability and high end-user protection.

Fabrics treated with the water-repellent finish are suitable for industrial laundering.

For long-term durability, the chemicals have to be reactivated after washing, using a thermic shock (tunnel finishing).

Antibacterial Finish

Antibacterial finish from Sanitized®

Exploiting the proven benefits and antibacterial properties of silver technology, this finish offers exceptional levels of antimicrobial protection, specifically designed to meet the requirements of critical hygiene applications such as food production, preparation and service, as well as healthcare.

Sanitized® antimicrobial finish acts as a built-in deodorant, preventing the development of unpleasant odours caused by bacteria, and helping to enhance the personal freshness and wellbeing of the wearer.

The finish is dermatologically tested and safe for sensitive skins.

Fabric Protector Finish

Duraclean: resistant to soil – easy to wash

Based on a new generation of eco-friendly chemistry, Duraclean is a Klopman finish which gives fabrics the ideal balance of repellency and washability.

In dry conditions (when wearing), Duraclean has hydrophobic features which make it resistant to oil and soil, thanks to a chemical component which reduces absorption. In wet conditions (during the washing process), Duraclean has soil-release properties, enabling the water and detergent molecules to extract soil from the fabric.

The fabric, and therefore the garment, stays cleaner when in use and releases soil during washing.

Duraclean offers enhanced garment appearance and extra safety, avoiding contamination of high-visibility garments and preventing dirt or flammable residues from setting on protectivewear garments.

Duraclean guarantees better economic care (less washing + lower washing temperatures = increased garment working life) and durability, withstanding from 30 to 50 washings when applied to polycotton fabrics.

Mosquito Stop finish

Mosquito Stop for vector* protection Finish

Mosquito Stop-treated fabrics protect the wearer, considerably reducing the number of bites from mosquitos, as well as ticks and horseflies.

The fabric is impregnated with a naturally occurring piretroid derivative (to which vectors* are sensitive), fixed by crosslinking for high durability. This results in long-lasting protection and increased comfort and peace of mind for the wearer.

Compatible with OEKO-TEX® Std 100 requirements.

Particularly recommended for forest workers, for the military sector and for other outdoor clothing.

* Vector = disease transmitting organism


KENDURION: a step forward in garment endurance

Kendurion redefines garment resistance and appearance. Kendurion is the new Klopman fabric range, developed with a special dot-print technology on the surface to protect the wearer from abrasion risks. For even greater worker protection, this completely new product can also feature Klopman’s outstanding Flame-Retardant feature.

This innovative and high functional technology combines efficiency and performance to enhance the everyday life of every kind of worker.

Kendurion fabrics are designed to withstand repeated high-temperature industrial laundering, without compromising the comfort thanks to its excellent breathability and soft hand. And abrasion tests carried out with sandpaper prove its unrivalled performance.

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