Oil, Gas, Chemical and Petrochemical

The oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical industries demand the highest standards of health and safety. Appropriate clothing is of paramount importance in protecting workers from hazards like contact injuries, risks of fire and explosions, trips and falls and chemical splashes, physical or biological hazards.


Keeping people safe in the most hazardous working conditions is Klopman’s mission in the marketplace. Since 1968, our fabrics have been developed to offer exceptional protection, durability and consistency.


  • We offer a wide range of protective inherent or treated Flame-Retardant fabrics designed to withstand repeated high-temperature industrial laundering and offering resistance to heat and flame (in compliance with international standard ISO 11612 and ISO 14116), and welding (ISO 11611), while also supplying antistatic (EN 1149-1 and EN 1149-3) and electric arc protection (EN 61482-1-2).
  • According to customer-specific needs, we also produce high-visibility fabrics (ISO 20471) and chemical splash protection fabrics (EN13034 Type 6).
  • Completing our fabric range for hazardous industry garment, we provide laminated fabrics for protection against foul weather (fulfilling the norm EN 343 Class 3/ Class 3) – perfect for jackets and other outerwear. All our laminated products are industrially launderable – to an unrivalled level. Most of the fabrics in the market are washable to only 40°C, at best a maximum of 60°C. Klopman laminated fabrics, however, can be repeatedly washed for a minimum of 30 cycles at 75°C without any delamination or leakage (ISO 15797 Method 8).