Utilities and Waste Removal

The utilities sector comprises all companies involved in the delivery, production and service of natural assets such as electric power, natural gas, steam supply, water supply and sewage removal. The risks involved in such physically demanding jobs are largely related to electrical hazards, toxic gases or chemical substances.


Similar hazards can be seen in the waste removal industry, where workers handle and dispose of household and commercial waste materials, as well as chemical, clinical or biological waste.


Klopman protective fabrics can help both utilities and waste removal workers to protect themselves. Our extensive range protects against the risks associated with every single activity, from highly resistant polyester/cotton fabrics, to flame-retardant fabrics (ISO 11612 and ISO 14116), high-visibility fabrics (EN20471), fabrics with antistatic property (EN 1149-1 and 1149-3), electric arc protection (EN 61482-1-2) and many others.


All are available with different finishes, such as our Crease-Resist Finish, Comfort + finish, water, oil and chemical-repellent finishes and can be ordered in over 120 colours (including high-visibility orange, yellow and red).