Security, Police, Military, Emergencies, Road Services

Police, military, emergency and road services workers play a pivotal role in our society. They face all sorts of hazards, including their physical environments, working conditions and the behaviour of the public.


We know that the right workwear can limit the odds and severity of preventable work-related injuries Klopman’s R&D team develops the highest quality protective fabrics possible, to guarantee improved health and safety to the wearer along with a durable image and a superior comfort.


  • Laminated, waterproof, windproof solutions: two or more layers of textiles and components bonded together to guarantee the wearer better protection, breathability and, in the case of the softshell, warmth. All our products are industrially launderable and can be repeatedly washed for a minimum of 30 cycles at 75°C.
  • High-visibility fabrics (yellow, orange & red) represent the ideal choice for both industrial laundries and the wearer, offering resistance over time combined with the maximum level of protection.
  • Available in different colours and weights, Klopman polyester/cotton and comfort stretch fabrics ensure superb wearer comfort, moisture management and high durability, enhancing professional image and personal confidence.