Our long experience in the workwear industry has allowed us
to develop an extensive collection of fabrics specifically designed to meet healthcare requirements with the highest possible standards of image, hygiene, comfort and performance.


Klopman has worked closely through the years with Europe’s leading garment manufacturers and rental laundries, as well as hospitals, clinics and wearers, to understand their requirements and develop fabrics which satisfy all their needs.


Klopman’s wide variety of fabrics produces colourful garments which transmit a positive image to the public. Moreover, our fabrics offer the best breathability and safety for the wearer, with a large number of skin-friendly fabrics developed in Oeko-tek Class 1.


For the healthcare industry Klopman offers a selection of:

Cotton-rich fabrics: ideal for warm working environments. The high quantity of cotton fibre provides superior comfort for the wearer and a more balanced moisture management, especially in combination with polyester. The polyester content also guarantees an extended garment life and easy care.

Fabrics made with Tencel™ as Helford, Oxford and Bradford. The TencelLyocell fibre absorbs moisture completely and naturally and then releases it on the outside, which creates a cooling effect, guaranteeing a higher moisture absorption capacity than cotton.

Klopman can also add a Sanitized® treatment to its fabrics, guaranteeing exceptional levels of antibacterial protection. The worker should follow precise hygienic practices, including frequent washing, to maintain the antibacterial protection.