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New shareholding and managerial structure for Klopman


Klopman, the leading European company in the production of workwear fabrics and highly specialized in protectivewear, announces that as of 1st October 2020 the Group Coisne & Lambert, owners of the French TDV Industries, and already the majority shareholder of Klopman, will acquire the remaining shares from the Italian directors who will leave the managerial roles inside the company.


Concurrently with this decision, the new Managing Directors of Klopman will be Amaury Sartorius and Alfonso Verdoliva, formerly Sales Director and Manufacturing Director respectively.


The changes in the shareholding structure and in the company organisational chart will consolidate Klopman’s role as big production company, leader in its sector and point of reference from an economic and social point of view for the territory in which it operates.


“The Coisne & Lambert Group’s decision to increase its share ownership in Klopman is the demonstration of how much the group believes in the company and its expertise and know-how. The aim is to make this company even stronger, solid and with a long-lasting growth through an ambitious plan of investments and capitalisation.” – affirms Amaury Sartorius.


“The international positioning of the company is strengthened by this operation, which moves simultaneously in the direction of continuity and innovation.” – says Alfonso Verdoliva. – “Klopman represents an excellence in its sector with a modern, efficient plant and competent, well-organized management and personnel. We have a strong heritage also thanks Mr Marra, Mr Salemi and Mr Abbruzzesi who have brilliantly guided Klopman over the years.”


“Looking back on my time at Klopman, – said Alfonso Marra, outgoing CEO – the management and I have confronted numerous business challenges, always facing them with pride and courage, and always keeping the human factor as an absolute priority. To my colleagues I offer my best wishes of a great and successful future. I am sure they will take care of Klopman as we have always done together.”


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