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Klopman protective masks – additional information


Klopman has already declared its commitment in the production of face masks through a chain specifically created in collaboration with local and non-local companies.


Full production will guarantee around 30,000 pieces per day. These are “third category” filtering face masks. These masks, which cannot be classified as medical devices or PPE – Personal Protective Equipment, are produced pursuant to art. 16, paragraph 2, of the Legislative Decree 18/2020 and guarantee an optimal level of protection within its reference category.


The third category masks are designed to help provide a first barrier to the spread of the virus for all the circulating population, all the people who work, the police (if not engaged in emergency operations), the offices open to the public, food sales workers and all people or workers in circulation. Like surgical masks, these are not devices capable of filtering the virus but of avoiding the spread of the virus from the wearer to the surrounding atmosphere. The massive use of these tools therefore decreases the risk of exposure to the virus itself. All healthcare personnel in direct contact with the virus must instead wear FFP2 and FFP3 masks as PPE capable of filtering up to 98% of the viruses.


To meet the growing demands of a very first protection from all the categories described above (and with the exception of the people involved in the front line) we have put our know-how of over 50 of experience in the production of fabrics for work clothes, including the hospital sector, and we have created a product that has an external shell in Vektron 8200, a 100% polyester woven fabric with continuous multi-filament yarns, Taslanised to guarantee a very compact construction in order to ensure a barrier effect, with reduced particle release which for its characteristics it is normally used in electronics, in clean rooms, in the hospital sector for medical treatment. This is a fabric with a hydro / oil repellent finish to promote protection against splashes of potentially contaminated liquids. The inside of the mask is instead made with a cotton blend fabric that ensures comfort for the wearer.


Klopman masks can be reused up to 50 times and are suitable for domestic and industrial sterilization and washing up to 75 ° C. It is recommended to rinse well in order to remove detergent residues and iron the masks at 150 ° C and to ensure the restoration of the water repellent conditions of the external layer.


 The masks will be available for both individual citizens and companies, on the website www.klopmanstore.com, in a first batch of 10,000 pieces, starting from the end of the current week at a cost of 5 euros per piece, not including VAT and shipping costs. To purchase, simply register and place a minimum order of 30 pcs. The masks will be delivered by courier exclusively on the Italian territory.



For further information please send an e-mail to maschine@klopman.com








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