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Klopman fabrics tested for comfort


Workers who operate in hot and humid environments need comfortable and resistant uniforms.


Klopman asked to a leading research institute to do a series of  thermo-physiological comfort tests which depends on passage or  restriction of air, water and moisture on some of its popular fabrics.

Fabrics have been tested for many parameters as per current international standards.


Klopman’s Bari, Bandmaster and Charlotte fabrics undergo a series of tests to evaluate their comfort rating. The comfort rating achieved from these fabrics is “excellent!


Some are  the commonly known tests like wicking, breathability, drying, absorption and some are more advanced tests like Q Max Cool touch – which measures how the skin feels when the fabrics touches it or water vapour resistance values which measures water vapor permeability  (resistance of the fabric to pass sweat to the surface of the cloth).


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