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Klopman certifies fabrics for EU Ecolabel

Klopman is proud to announce to have received the Ecolabel certification for different fabrics.

The EU Ecolabel is the official European Union voluntary label for environmental excellence.

The EU Ecolabel certifies products with a guaranteed and independently-verified low environmental impact, which is why “labeled” services must meet high environmental standards throughout their entire life cycle: from raw material extraction through production and distribution to disposal.

The label also encourages companies to develop innovative products that are durable, easy to repair and recyclable.

Klopman fabrics that achieved the EU Ecolabel certification are:

  • Charlotte R-PES BIO
  • Superbandmaster R-PES BIO


EU Ecolabel is a voluntary ecological label well recognized in all the European Union.

Ecolabel-certified products underline once again our contiuous commitment to sustainability.






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