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UL certified products

Three new Klopman products (Bravo 9010 FR, Jupiter FR and Megatec 9010N) are now UL certified. The UL mark you’ll now find on our products represents complete compliance with NFPA 2112 Standards (Flame-Resistant Garments for Protection of Industrial Personnel Against Flash Fire).

UL is an independent organisation for security certifications. Founded in 1894, UL develops standards and tests for products, materials, components and tools with particular regard to security. It validates and certifies a company’s efficiency through a management analysis programme. UL has developed more than 1,000 standards for safety, many of which are American National Standard. The UL certification is the most commonly used textile industry standard in Italy.

The mark stands for Recognized Component Mark. It enables us to ship fabrics with the UL Mark, demonstrating that the materials are intended for use in UL-listed products. The mark is applied to our fabrics, fabric rolls, and fabric packaging or fabric boxes.

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