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Smart and ECO-sustainable fibres and fabrics for Technical – ECOTEC clothing




The ECOTEC project aims to establish a technological platform for developing innovative formulations and industrial processes with low environmental impact. The ECOTEC platform will allow the fabric specialist partner KLOPMAN, project leader, to expand its range of high-visibility personal protective equipment (PPE) with a strong emphasis on creating value and employment through the entire supply chain in the territories involved.

The objective of the ECOTEC project is to develop a new range of smart protective fabrics, based on eco-sustainable methodologies. The project is divided into five implementation goals, at the end of which we will have achieved a smart fabric prototype.



The ECOTEC project aims to develop prototypes and fabrics for active worker protection that expand the range and performance of PPE already sold by Klopman. The company is the European leader in the production of Protectivewear technical fabrics for special uses such as flame-retardant, antistatic and water-repellent clothing; Corporatewear, for the manufacturing of uniforms; and Workwear, intended for the manufacturing of work uniforms (a sector in which Klopman holds the largest market share).The IPR market is constantly growing, with an annual increase of 3.5%, and stands at €8 billion globally, 85% of which is in Europe. The positive trend is mainly due to increasingly stringent regulation of safety at work, which requires the use of PPE, as well as the strong economic and industrial growth of Eastern European countries.

The innovative fabrics for PPE based on smart devices integrated into fabric will be particularly useful for the health and safety of the worker engaged in medium- and high-risk environments. The relevant market sectors include the chemical industry, the construction sector and the food industry. This development is aligned with the technological trajectory technologies for advanced design and digital craftsmanship identified by the SNSI as a priority within the Tourism, Cultural Heritage and Creativity Industry Specialisation Area. During the project, scale-up and industrialisation studies will also be carried out, as well as a detailed lifecycle assessment, together with the appropriate toxicity studies of secondary raw materials and finished products.


Klopman is sponsoring the event Nanoinnovation 2021.




Project Code ARS01_00951


Leader Partner: Klopman International Srl


Duration of the project: 30 months




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