April 2017

50 years of quality

Since 1967 has been committed to producing high performance fabrics to guarantee protection, comfort and durability. Klopman launched the first 65% polyester / 35% cotton intimate blended workwear fabrics, specifically designed for industrial washing & finishing, which is still in use today. Now are catalogue has an extremely wide range of options is available in terms of weights, blends and finishes with 130 different styles and over 130 available colours.

Its fabrics are sold and distributed in 64 countries throughout Western & Eastern Europe, North Africa, India, Middle East, Australia and Far East. Klopman International has two production plants based in Italy and Indonesia and commercial branch offices in Düsseldorf, Lyon, Moscow, Borås (Sweden), Dubai and Bangkok and sales organizations in the United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, Hong Kong, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Turkey and Australia. Its vast network of sales representatives, agents and distributors  in Europe and the rest of the world are only part of the secret of the company’s continuous  growth.

Quality and consistency have been the hallmark for 50 years success in the market!






  • If you have any questions on our fabric range, please contact: Tel: +39 0775 2981

  • You may also reach our worldwide support team via email at: sales@klopman.com