July 2017

EN 1149-3

Scope of the standard: The European Standard EN 1149-3 specifies test methods for Electrostatic properties of Protective Clothing to help dissipate the electrostatic charge built up in a human body.

Tests done for Conformance Certification
Test for measurement of shielding  of electric field 
Measurement of charge  half decay

Application areas:
• Airport
• Clean room
• Computer mfg
• Electronic equipment cos
• Medical personnel
• Petroleum and gas
• Paint shops in auto sector

The test

The sample is placed between two electrodes and it is charged by induction. In this method, a fabric sample is electrically charged. If it has electrostatic properties, the sample will get chargings with the opposite induction sign.
This value shall be higher than 0,20. The second value obtained is the semi dissipation time of the charging (t50). It measures the time that the fabric takes to dissipate all the accumulated electricity and it shall be lower than 4 seconds.

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